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In order to provide the best service for you, we require a safe and sufficient working space. We will not work on roadsides, in any public car parks or flats/apartments.

We must have access to mains power and when possible, an outdoor water tap. Should a water supply be unavailable, we must be notified on booking.

If when we arrive, your vehicle requires more attention than booked for (something we will let you know before starting the work), further charges will be applied.

We maintain the right to reschedule or cancel appointments where necessary; for example, heavy rainfall, direct sunlight with no shade available and sickness.


Deposits will be required for all bookings over £200. If you cancel within 72 hours of your booking, you will lose your deposit.


The maintenance scheme is exclusively available to customers who's vehicles have been deep cleaned by us.

A maintenance is classed as one visit every month (unless bi-monthly or fortnightly has been agreed), if a vehicle exceeds the monthly period and the valet takes longer than is normally allocated, additional charges 
will apply.

As a maintenance customer it is expected that you will organise your maintenance date with us; due to us maintaining over 60 vehicles a month.


Once the work has been carried out on your vehicle, you will be invoiced. Payment must then be paid within 48 hours. If payment is delayed, late fees of £10 per day will be charged.


By reading and acknowledging these terms and conditions, you are therefore agreeing to our terms of service.

If you have any queries regarding our terms and conditions, please contact us.

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